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hand tingling and MS

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question about hand tingling and MS:

(I'm a 32yo male) For the last week, I've been feeling tingling in my hands, especially the 4th and 5th fingers of my left hand. I did a little googling (always dangerous) and ulnar and/or carpal tunnel and MS sound like the two most likely culprits. I have a doctors appointment in 2 weeks and I'm trying to study my symptoms in the meantime. The tingling has been much more pronounced when I wake up in bed (which I've read suggests ulnar/carpal tunnel) and I tried a home remedy of wrapping my left elbow at night to keep it straight. When I woke up my wrapped arm was barely tingling while the unwrapped, bent arm had strong pins and needles. Also I've noticed the tingling strengthens when I'm using a computer. So my question is: can I pretty much stopping thinking about MS or does MS tingling follow the same rules as carpal tunnel? also does it seem strange to anyone that carpal tunnel would strike both hands at once or is that normal?

a little more info about my symptoms-
my hand tingles after only 10 or so seconds when I raise it over my head. also my hands feel kind of cold (circulation issue?)

I've had very mild dull aching in my upper left abdominal for over a month now. it's present most of the time and seems to come and go at random. the only thing that seems to strengthen it somewhat is exercise. If I walk or run several miles, the sensation becomes more noticable in the hours afterward.

Also In the last couple weeks I've noticed I have more eye floaters than I remember having in the past. (no eye pain or flashing lights though)

Finally, I had a spontaneous collapsed lung 3 months ago which has definitely contributed to my hypochondria. I googled the link between collapsed lungs and MS and there seems to be just a single article. I can't access it though. probably nothing though since there's only one mention on the whole internet.

thanks in advance for any comments.
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replied February 11th, 2008
since my basic question is buried in my ramblings, I thought I'd repost it:

Is MS hand numbness controllable the way carpal/ulnar tunnel is (i.e. does numbness subside if you step away from the computer and keep your arms straight at night?) Or is MS hand numbness constant (or maybe random) and impossible to control?
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replied February 17th, 2008
Near constant and very random. If it stops when you stop using the computer probably not MS. When I had numbness it would get worse when using the affected limb but was always there. Some times it would get worse for no aparent reason sometimes it would almost go away also with no aparent reason.

Fun stuff.
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replied June 20th, 2009
Bruceprice - I know it is a year plus later but I will like to know how your symptoms have been since then. I have had tingling, numbness, and burning pain, but I dont know if it is definitely something bad. Could these things just randomly happen, or do they always indicate MS or whatever? Please get back to me - I have done the same Dr. Google thing that you did, and we are roughly the same age.
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