Last week my boyfriend has been out drinking. He was quite drunk I imagine, and we were having a quite intense fight. I had also been drinking so I'm not sure exactly how it all started, but he had some sort of a seizure. From my point of view, he was:

- grinding his teeth
- making scary noises, hissing and growling
- salivating
- twitching
- curled up in the foetal position
- scratching himself so hard that he has cuts on his chest
- eyes were dialated when I forced them open, but mostly they were closed
- unable to walk/ dizzy

Several hours before this happened, he was mentioning that he had quite intense vertigo that had gotten worse during the day. I had never known that this had happened to him before, but he's said it has happened a total of three times in the last two and a half years (once with his ex-girlfriend, and he tore her hair out, and once by himself). He didn't hurt me but only pushed me away. At one stage towards the end he told me to call an ambulance and then stopped me from doing so. I know I should have but I was so confused and didn't even consider that it was a seizure - I just had no idea what was happening, but it was terrifying.

Also in the latter stages when he had stopped twitching and howling and scratching himself, he crawled outside and curled up on a chair, then kind of fell off the chair, and I saw his pupils shrink and it looked like he had all of a sudden come back to life, and looked really confused and asked me what had happened. He says he doesn't remember much but also won't talk to me about it because he's ashamed.

Does this sound familiar to anybody? I'm so worried, and he will never go to the doctor on his own accord, but I can't force him to at this stage because he lives interstate and has gone home.

Any advice anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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replied February 11th, 2008
Helping hand
Hi I am new on this forum so if u really wanted to know about me

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replied June 22nd, 2009
Seizure when drinking
Did you ever find out what caused this to happen? My ex girlfriend did this same thing
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