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Diplopia Due to Scar Tissue On Retina

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Last july I had a sudden onset of blurryness in my left eye that was followed a few days later by double vision. I had some retinal hemorrhages that took 4 laser treatments to stop it (the area was not pigmented so it could not absorb the heat of the laser). As a result I have a large area of scar tissue near the fovea that is continuing to cause the diplopia as well as some distortion (none of the lines on the amsler grid are straight when I look at them with my left eye). I wouldn't be bothered by the double vision so much if strain on my eyes didn't cause such bad headaches. Glasses don't help (prisms don't help diplopia caused by retinal problems). Is there any help for me out there anywhere? I am only 26 years old.

I should add that last thursday I had some testing done and there is nothing wrong with any of the muscles in my eyes.
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First Helper twsanchez

replied June 6th, 2004
I feel for you , I have similar problems due to 3 operations to repair my retina each one resulting in more and more scaring and distortion. Ive been made to feel like im making something out of nothing by my hospital ( 2 actually ) and had all pain and visual problems dismissed as trivialities. Im sorry to hear about your problems , but glad to read your post , at least I dont feel like im the only person in the world who seems to have these problems. Ive just had to complain to the nhs administration because im not getting any help.
Hope you find an answer , if you do please post up on here.
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replied October 19th, 2009
Ocular Scar Tissue
peach2000 & abstractrobbie - You are not alone, I began having eye blurring at 30 yr old & have scar tissue formation in the right eye, no lines I look at are straight either; with either of my eyes. I have been to 15 doctors with no answers, even the CDC couldn't give me any answers. I also have traction retinal detachment with vitreous hemorrhaging and some abnormal blood vessel formation. I have very limited peripheral vision and experience many weird light phenomenon in my affected eye. I's been almost a year and I'm frustrated beyond words. Doctor's say, well you have 20/50 vision in the left eye, you can drive. I'd like them to get in a car with me and see what they say afterward, if they don't have a heart attack from fear. Doctors want to dismiss everything they have no answers for because they don't like to be wrong or admit they don't know something. Stay persistent and don't let them talk down to you. You know your body better than anyone. And pray, everyday.
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