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electricity,EMF, Aura, magnetic fields?

anyone know of anyway to actually see theses fields on a device. ie, maybe something that can detect the magnetic fields, ( i would think something like this exists), for the aura or EMF field, some type of imaging system, MRI (would thingk Magentic RESONANCE imaging) would detect a magnetic field ( i t doesn't(?)). if it creates a emf OR electricity it should be detectable than mapped. any one know of any "medical" or other devices that would work for that purpose.

one of the reasons i ask is a Person who can see these fields would not be as much use to me, since i would like IF possible to get one of these devices and try to "biofeedback" to adjust these to get something back in to norms. and it would be easier to PROVE that something exists if i did go to a doctor.
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