don't even know where to begin. I thought this was something sexual related, since it occured 2 weeks after intercourse with a man (I'm female) but I've now had a seven month HIV NEGATIVE along with a PCR DNA negative and 11 other HIV tests all in between.

So here's how it began.
I've always had enlarged tonsils, later a heart problem that developed after the birth of my daughter (2000), recurring uveitis for the past two years...

so in August my tonsils swelled up to where they touched eachother, and I developed night sweats. The tonsils didn't hurt, and there was one swollen lymph node under my chin. Eventually I was given a tonsillectomy, but the low grade fever, night sweats, flushing, all intermittent. Excessive fatigue that will not go away. Chills. Skin changes (rash on back, on legs), swollen painful lymphnodes on collarbone and tops of legs, and on back of one knee. flushed apperance on the face in the evenings, I just don't feel good Sad I used to be overly hyper Smile OCD in my cleaning, happy-go-lucky. What the heck happened?

Here's lab work:
HIV Antibodies at 6, 9, 10, 18,19,21,22, 27 and 30 weeks... excessive much :Smile
HIV DNA PCR negative at 5 months
HIV ICMA Negative at 5 months
Mono spot and strep test negative
CBC normal - neutrophils and platelets slightly elevated
Sed rate 8
Thyroid panel normal
ANA normal
CRP 0.50
Heart function normal
EBV shows past infection (long ago)
CMV shows past infection (long ago)
CT scan shows mild lymph nodes, nothing characteristic of cancer or that they feel needs biospy but i was on prednisone at the time

If anyone can point me in any directions, I'd appreciate it. I focused on HIV for so long because it followed a sexual encounter, however the guy I was with tested negative with a rapid test 6 weeks after we had sex, and I've had all these negative tests, so symptoms and timing coincidence are just that - coincidence... I need to get to the bottom of what is going on. Please?

My current symptoms are immense pain in lymphnodes with swelling, especially in collarbone and shoulders, knees and groin, forearm and underarms, low grade fever and fatigue with depression from being ill, intermittent night sweats... PLEASE give me any ideas you may have
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replied February 11th, 2008
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Have you checked into Lyme disease? Those symptoms sound very peculiar. Go back to a doctor and tell them about you negative results for HIV (by the way congratulations on that, you can rule it out now) and tell him your symptoms and he should be able to come up with some other tests to have, but those symptoms don't even sound like HIV symptoms to me. Good Luck.
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replied March 9th, 2011
I had the same problem. According to the CDC 97% of people have detectable antibodies 3 months after exposure.

I had unprotected anal sex on october 25, came down with swollen tonsils,night sweats,fever, etc, roughly a month later.

I didnt know the symptoms of acute infection, and the person was low risk, but when I found the hiv acute infection wiki article, i got very scared. everything lined up perfectly, and i immediately set up a hiv test roughly four months after exposure.

i tested negative, and am still dealing with anxiety of the coincidental event, which brought me here. in fact, an infectious disease specialist told me i likely did not have the disease and yet i am still stressing.idk if that helps.
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replied March 10th, 2011
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six month recommendation is for those who are sexctually active,using PEP,lukemia patients, and weaken immune system. except in all people will show antibodies. you did all tests at right time. hiv is not ur problem. no way and no how. you are 1000% safe. consult a GP.
all of ur symptoms are anxiety relative.
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