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Back of head pressure, lightheaded, and fear of fainting

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I have been getting this pressure in the back of my head, for like 2 months now, not constantly, but mostly everyday. There was one week where it totally went away, but it csme back. Some days I get it so bad, the only thing that makes me feel a little relief is when I lay down. The sooner I get this pressure or tightness in the back of my head, I get nervous, and start to think bad things like what if I pass out, and what if I panic and get a panic attack... (I also have anxiety disorder) the first thing I feel like doing is going to the ER, but I have been there already twice last month is the same week for this head pain, and they did CT scans, cat scans, EEG test, chest x-rays, head x-rays, blood tests, you name it. Every single test and scan, and x-ray they have done to me came out negative. They all say there is nothing wrong with my head, sinuses (even though they are constantly clogged and I can't breathe through my nose), or heart.

I am very distraught about this, because in the back of my mind I am thinking terrible, that maybe I may have brain cancer, or a tumor that is causing this. I doubt it, but it terrifies me. I am also terrified to pass out. Sounds kind of stupid, I know, but I have fainted several times in my lifetime so far, usually when I see a needle coming towards me, and I hate that feeling of passing out. I also recently read somewhere that some guy can't look at an LCD tv, or a Plasma tv for more than a few minutes otherwise he gets a migraine. I have an LCD computer monitor, as well as a Plasma screen in my bedroom where I spend all of my time. Could that be the cause? My doctor is sending me to a sleep apnea specialist to do a sleep study on me on March 9th, as she says may be the cause of my headaches and other issues. I will let everyone know how that goes. I take Paxil 12.5mg for my anxiety, and my doctor said that I should take Tylenol if I experience a headache/head pain. I have been doing this, but not everyday. Some days are worse than others, and the amount of pain I feel changes all day long.

If anyone has any experience in this field, please let me know what I can try to make this go away. I go to a Chiropractor, and it works occassionally, but it won't last all day. I also have had someone suggest I make a journal of the time I wake up if I have pain or not, to what I eat, and how much I eat, and the times I eat and if the pain gets worse, to write it all down. I am going to attempt this this week to see if there is anything that is triggering my head pain. I read an article that some foods like cheese, and too much bread triggers some headaches and other things. I will let everyone know what goes on in the course of the week
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replied July 8th, 2010
migraines and anxiety
i am have had the same symptoms and i am so relieved to know that i am not alone. I have headache's in the back of the head along with panic attacks. I am afraid to take certain medicines becasuse they make me dizzy and panicky. Thank you for posting that
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