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I have been experiencing various problems mostly with memory. I have been having what I call random access bad sectors. It strikes randomly and I never know if I will recover what I just forgot. This started a year a ago I think to start it was diabetes related as my sugars went up cognitive function went down. In Sep 06 I was an A student by Nov 06 I was getting C’s and D’s. The following peeked in Jan 07 and continued until June 07 then steadly got better with the exception of muscle weakness.: I was rather confused at times. I had problems accessing what I know. I would draw blanks on words and sometimes sentences. Some days were worse than others, some days it was all day. Sometimes in a few minutes to an hour later I could access the thought or word again. People would speak and I would hear bla, bla, bla, bla. I would talk and forget what I was saying, even what the subject was. People would call and I would forget they called and I would forget the contents of whole conversations. In the summer around August I think, I also experienced weakness on my left side. Had trouble with muscle strength in leg and arm.

As my blood sugar regulated this all got better for the most part. I was still experiencing random bad sectors. Though now they were not quite so bad nor quite so often.

Then last week Feb 1st and 2nd, I had two days of real bad random bad sectors and my blood sugars were low 81 -130, I was not sick. But man I was dingy and I knew it. I was afraid to drive. I was confused, had trouble finding words and accessing what I know I know, sometimes understanding, people would talk to me and it would take minutes to an hour or more for it to register, it seemed at times I was looking and moving through a fog. My eye sight was fuzzy, foggy. Early the first day my legs were a little wobbly. I was dingy and I knew it. Following this I had two days where I was just blah. Feb 4 and 5, Did not feel like doing anything, was also emotionally numb.

Now I am back to hmm more normal, though I am still having trouble finding words at times, it is random when and how it strikes. And my memory is messed up no matter how I focus I can not be sure what I will remeberr. I can’t always remember what I know I know. I call all this random short circuiting. Since the episode last week this is occurring frequently during the day. It seems to get worse as the day progresses.

What could be the cause of all of this? TIA’s, Stroke, something else?

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replied February 20th, 2008
Neurological Disorders Answer A3693

List of food or medicine allergies: Sulfa, Erythromycin, Tetracycline, eye drop antibiotics(gentamicin ?), Metformin, Lantus, Cocaine, local anestics (Like procaine, zylocaine Novocain. not sure about the new ones, Lidocaine is safe in small doses.), Chromatic sutures, adhesives (cloth is ok, paper better), Horse serum (anti venom, snake.), pecodon, percosett, darvon, davacett, Bismoth, Brain wave electrode conctor jell, Metals (known safe: Surgical steel, silver, sterling silver, gold at least 14 carat), can not take mood elevators (all classes), Nasonex. Pyrethrum and the other one like it, pepto bismal, qwell, almost all treatments for lice, sulfates are suspect, Menthol-Paraben (a common preservative and it is in tons of drugs).

List of family related illnesses: Capral tunnel, high colesterol, dysthymia

List of pre-existing conditions: Diabetic, stage 1 Kidney Failure, Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Allergies (Drug, Food, Environmental), Hiatle hernia, Multinodular goiter disease, Dysthymia, Perimenopausal, Dry eye syndrome, CHEMICLY Sensitive (all categories, some extreme), prone to nasal polyps, spondolo? (L5 is slipped forward), low good colesterol.

List of other diseases, conditions, or injuries and their treatment: High colesterol, Surgeries:Tonsils, adenoids, systiscopic, systiscope, Bilateral carpal tunnel twice (the last time both at same time), left side thyroid ectomy 10 -12 nasal polupectomys with lining strip, tubal legation, 2 cesareans, culdwell luc with a L anterior window and sinus cavity restructure and lastly a fix for deviated septum.

Current medical status: controled diabetic, asmatic. Fibro is asymptomatic. All drugs I am on I started by it's self only one in a months time so that any reactions could be gauged. I am that allergic at times. I am awaiting results for 3 month labs for TSH, Colesterol, Creatin, A1C, CBC, and a comprihensive panel.
Current medical treatment: Advair Diskus 500/50 twice a day. Albuterol Rescue, I also have a SVN. Humulin NPH 7U am, 4-5Upm Lipitor 10mg 1 a day Lisinopril 2.5 mg 1 a day For Kidneys blood sugars range from 79 - 140 I am fairly well controled. A1C 5.6 diagnoced a year ago. creatin clearance 100 down from 365 a year ago. I get sick often now so I see my regular doc very often. no more than 2 months go by.

Memory loss, attention disorder, difficulties speaking, muscle weakness, vision difficulties, etc. are a;; neurological symptoms. They can be due to a neurological disorder such as an episode of multiple sclerosis , dementia of any type, a TIA ,etc. Sometimes some types of systemic disorders can affect the brain including hypertension, hypo- or hyper-glycemia, hyper-uremia etc. You can request a neurological examination and perform brain imaging procedures: either a MRI or CT-scan. You can consult some neurologist for more advice and to request the diagnostics.

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