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High BMI exerscise plans

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My father is considered Obese with a estimated bmi of 33. He is 5' 8" and weighs about 215lbs. My father does not like the fact that he is obese and I think he is depressed about it. Before saying anything else I think I should give allitle bit of a medical backround listed: multiple neck surgeries along with a metal plate in his neck and a ready to bulge disk, he has a "bad back", surgery on both knees, very bad nerve and pain problems, lastly the medecine that he uses creates him tired and I think depressed. As that being said, the only safe exercise is walking. His main problem with eating is having to much and drinking 5-8 bottles of diet pepsie along with 1-3 bottles of beer per day. The food we have tried to keep under control and are doing reasonable on that part but the soda and beer is like a addiction with him. My family has tried to get him cut back on the pepsie and are having no luck what so ever. Essentially what I want to ask is how is the best way to stop or dramatically reduce the amount of soda intake per day because it is like a addiction? Along with this what diet and exerscise plans would best fit my father with having all the neck and back problems? I thank you all greatly and sorry for my poor grammer and hard to follow sentences.
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replied February 9th, 2008
What about sparkling mineral water?

Also, has he been tested for diabetes?
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