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Tissue like substance on poop

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Lately i've been having troubles going to the bathroom, I would go frequently, but it would be small normal poops with a yellow mucus like substance, just recently I went and there was what looked to be a thick white and pale yellowish tissue like substance attached to a normal poop. It was like clinged on my bowal. It looked like a thick muscus-y tissue!?

WHAT COULD THIS BE? I'm really nervous. Crying or Very sad
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replied February 16th, 2008
Well, the abnormal stool could be something that you're eating. Has it happened again?
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replied December 27th, 2009
Hi vintagewaste,

Just letting you know that it is probably mucous. Usually a yellowish-type bowel movement means there already is a mucous-like issue happening. Cut out the dairy (except for goat's cheese and yogurt, quark (organic preservative free cottage cheese) for a bit. You could have a small stomach infection, or some parasites, etc.

If you mix that with flax seed oil, about 3 tbsp and hemp oil, the same, you could have more come out. You will also feel much more energized.

If you go to Dr. Johanna Budwig's diet online, she was a biochemist, you'll see the diet there.

I just began the diet because I came back from India and as soon as I started the diet I had the same thing happening. The mucous is clearing now, 4 days in.

Good luck.
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