I'm a social drinker (get drunk once or twice a month), but i take a lot of pills. I take around 15 7.5 lortabs a week, more if i can get it, and excedrin PM to sleep occasionally. (I swallow the lortabs, not snort). Lately (in the last week) I've been getting nosebleeds, severe lower adominal pain, I have not been able to sleep and have had almost no appitite.

Do I have liver damage? If not, what's wrong with me?
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replied February 11th, 2008
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I don't know if you do have liver damage, but you should definitely see a doctor for a blood test and other tests to see what kind of shape you are in. You are certainly not leading a healthy lifestyle, so there's no question that you are not in good health.

I see you are addicted to lortab...that needs to stop. Get on a detox/addiction help program and get your life straightened out before your habits take your life away from you.
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replied June 12th, 2010
same problem
i have the exact same problem but i take about 28 10's a week and i drink about once every two weeks and i am also prescribed klonopin and trazadone(sleeping pill) the right upper side of my abdomin between my chest and belly button but more to the right is killing me!!! HELP!! I take 2 tabs in the morning (i chew mine) and 2 at night!
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