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headaches on right side with numbness and dizziness

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i get headaches normally about 2-3 times a week that will last all day no matter what medicine i take or anythng.They only are on the right side of my head right in my eyebrow! the pain starts off not bad and turns exttreamly bad. When i get them i usually feel weak, my feet go numb, and i get extreamly tired I also get really dizzy. I also am always seeing little flashing lights all of the time, like little multi-couloyured dots are floating around and tehy get worse when i have my headaches. they never go away! does anyone know what might be wrong? im 14 years old by the way and my name is Yilania.

thanks Smile
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replied March 5th, 2008
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Hi, Yilania!
Do you get nauseous,too?
Have you noticed that you are becoming very sensitive to light, sound or smell at that moments?
Do you find your muscles weak on one side of you body?
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