About 6 months ago i was diagnosed with a large stone in my gallbladder after having 3 very bad attacks in a short space of time, i had a scan and it showed 1 large stone, i was offered to be referred to have it out or try a diet change, i decided on the diet change as i was overweight and ate a bad diet, so since then i have lost 24lbs and have been better, 1 attack since then, but i still get a tight fullness feeling in my stomach and chest sometimes if i overeat i get mild pain and as in last night was woken with acid and pain (not as bad as an attack) and this morning it is still not "right" uncomfortable and indigestion, I have managed to convince myself now that i have something much worse, and was wondering can the gallstone cause these problems as well as just having attacks, can gallbladder problems cause indgestion and stuff without the attacks, i can only find information on attack symptoms, but i have these other problems inbetween attacks, is there anyone else gets trouble without attacks, and are the attacks likely to return? I am 33, non smoker, 3 children and a history of gallbladder problems in the family, most female relatives have had them removed. Sorry for all the questions but cant seem to find any information,hope all this makes sense, and basically what i want to know is can the gallbladder cause problems on a daily basis and not just attacks


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replied February 9th, 2008
I am 29, male, and very overweight and suffer from very similar stuff, but I have not yet been 100 percent diagnosed. I had problems at Christmas, where I suffered a terrible bad back along with a tightness in my stomach and upper area. This lasted around 4 to 5 days. Then happened again recently, and then again even sooner. I felt I couldn't breath as every time I breathed the tightness was so strong. I am going for my scan next week. If I find I have gallstones then it looks like it can cause what you have, as it sounds very similar to me.
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