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Heart Palpitations and Arrythmias Natural Cure

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Those who experience palpitations may have the feeling that their heart stops beating for a moment, and then starts again with a "thump" or a "bang". Usually this feeling is actually caused by an extra beat (premature beat or extrasystole) that happens earlier than the next normal beat, and results in a pause (called a Compensatory Pause) until the next normal beat comes through. People are not usually aware of the early, extra beat, but may be aware of the pause, which follows it (the heart seems to stop). The beat after the pause is more forceful than normal (due to filling with more blood than usual during the Compensatory Pause), giving the "thumping" sensation.

A new, amazing, effective technique which is similar to accupressure can be applied to your heart palpitations that may instantly relieve heart palpitations, arrhythmias and even Atrial Fibrillation. This technique is recommended by doctors. A marathon runner was having heart palpitations so severely, that he was going to have to retire from racing. He went to his doctor after suffering from heart palpitations while he was running. The doctor confirmed his heart palpitations with different tests, and set up an appointment for him to meet his cardiologist. This marathon runner's desire to heal naturally was so strong that he then searched and searched on the internet and found my Ebook. He bought it, and applied the technique, and instantly felt relief! He went for a run, and had NO HEART PALPITATIONS. He then went to his cardiologists appointment anyway, and the doctor tested my customer again. To the doctors surprise, he had NO VISIBLE SIGNS OF HEART PALPITATIONS.
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replied July 13th, 2008
Heart palpitations
Where can I find your e-book on the technique to relieve palpitations?
The author's "name" in the forum is HeartPalps


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