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Panic attacks anxiety and hypoglycemia


My name is María, and I am a 31 English Teacher from
Spain. I have been suffering from panic attacks since
I was 13, which lead to chronic anxiety and

I found several ebooks and articles on the net a couple of weeks ago. The issue of hypoglycemia rang a bell. When I was an
adolescent I can remember feeling dizzy after a few
hours of not eating, and one doctor even recommended
me to take a cube of sugar if this happened. I still
feel a bit strange when I dont eat for so many hours
and the need for carbohydrates.

When I found your book, I gave it a go. I was on the
diet for a week.
HOWEVER, something happened a couple of days ago that
left me
very happy as I feel I have found the EVIDENCE that I
am hypoglycemic. I had a sore throat, so I took a
paracetamol and went to bed. Two hours later I woke up
in a cold sweat and with the symptoms of a panic
attack (Even though I am quite good at not letting
them control me the symptoms were there). The
adrenalin kept rushing up and down, and I thought
about the hypoglycemic diet which I have been doing
for one week and that it could not be the solution.
But then I remembered the paracetamol I had took. I
got out of bed and read the paper inside the box. It
said that it contained a high load of SORBITOL. I
looked at the list
of do's and dont's the hypobook and saw that it
was there. It also said in the box that due to the
SORBITOL , this particular paracetamol could cause a hypoglycemic attack. I was
amazed. I had not had an attack for more than a week,
and this one had actually woken me up (Not easy in
me). I can really see it now and I am so happy, at the
thought that I diet can actually help when attacks are

I have ordered some of the books that Prof Levit
recommends. My only worry is finding a diet that will
help me. I have tried the more restraining version
that Levit proposes, but I always seem to feel sick,
no appetite and have diarrhea since I have followed
it.An approach where I can eat the odd wholegrain cracker
seems more varied at it is what
I followed the first week.

Do any of you take the great dose of vitamin C that is

I feel really confused at the moment, and
any help and light that you could offer would be

Thank you

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replied February 7th, 2008
I'm not sure who Prof Levit is and what book you are referring to?
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replied February 7th, 2008
Hola, Maria. Estuve in Espana por un ano estudiando - en Sevilla. Me encanta. De donde eres?

Anyway, that info looks good. As you will find, any sugar or fast acting carbs will only lead to a crash as you experienced that night. I have just begun to figure out how to manage my hypoglycemia - I can't tolerate any grains of any kind...all of them cause me to crash. So I focus on protein, vegetables, and fruits in moderation (I also eat cheese sometimes). Absolutely NO caffeine - that will cause terrible symptoms. I think everyone is a little different in terms of what they can tolerate. I wouldn't go too crazy on the supplements. Just focus on the diet until you balance out - which can take about 3 weeks or so.

Refer to Stan's posting on diet that you will see as a Sticky Note on the home page of this forum.

It definitely sounds like your symptoms correlate with hypoglycemia. You can also buy a simple glucose meter at the drug store and test your sugars when you feel symptomatic or shaky to see how low you are going. I do this and it helps me track. I've hit as low as 48, but I have symptoms of low blood sugar even in the 70's!

Keep us posted on your progress.
Buena Suerte.
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replied February 7th, 2008
The diet posting is called "Hypoglycemia Rules and Diet" by Stan.
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replied February 26th, 2008
i've been taking holy basil for the adrenaline rush and stress... it helps, but minimally. I've been reading a lot about it lately.
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