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Lump under both armpits

About 3 weeks ago I noticed a pea sized lump under my left arm that was tender to touch. Just recently, the same type of lump showed up under my right armpit. It is tender to touch, but the one under my left armpit is not. It is still there but doesn't hurt. I plan to go to the doctor but was wondering if anyone experienced this under both armpits at the same time.

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replied February 7th, 2008
Hi Sweetie! Me Fairy*Godmother
Hi there and welcome to eHealth. Just found your question. I have had similaar to what you described before, and it turned out to be an ingrown hair. But for your safety and peace of mind, I would go to a primary care physican and have this looked into. Especially when pain is involved, also in an area lymph nodes are involved! Hope all turns out well with you!
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replied July 19th, 2009
i had lump under my armpits during my pregnancy
i am also going through d same thing, i hope its not infectious
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