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Have IUD, tender nipples, painful sex, on hypothyroid treatment

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Subject basically said it all but let me explain. Last year the doctor discovered that I am a "profound" case of hypothyroidism. I weighed a whole 135 lbs (after having 1 child at age 20) and my level was 360 (very low). I am now at 100 mg of Levothyroid and I am almost at the right level, pending next testing. In 2005 I had the Mirena IUD inserted, and I have had no periods, everything has been great. I noticed at the end of last week my nipples are always hard and very sore to the touch, including in my bra. What's odd is the urge for them to be nursed or suckled, I've only experienced this sensation when I was breast feeding my son. Sunday my husband and I began intercourse and it was very painful, which is NOT normal. I was able to finish but after I was doubled over in pain. Sort of like a pressure feeling kind of gassy but also sharper pains in my upper butt/back area. Tonight we tried again to have intercourse and before we got anywhere I just couldn't handle the pain. I am very worried. My medical coverage will be on hold for a couple of months because I am changing employers, does this send up any red flags for any professionals out there? I have other underlying issues, but I don't think they could in any way affect this. Such as IBS, chronic headaches partially brought on originally by shingles. Please give me some feedback! And thank you for your time! Confused
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replied February 12th, 2008
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Have you been close to your menstrual period when you were experiencing painful intercourse and tender nipples?
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