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Lower back pain moving to left hip

Hi. I desparately need someone to help me. I am 44 y/o and at this moment I am in Iraq, where we do not have much medical help. My problem started about week ago. After taking shower, my towel fail down so I banded to rich for it and felt sudden pain in my lower back, which wasn't too bad at the time but it started to get worse almost every hour. Now for about 2 day's I coudn't lay or seat but I could walk. On 3rd day the pain started to move from my lower back to my left leg. On day 4 after using ibuprofen (WE ARE VERY LIMITED WITH PILLS TOO). 400mg every six hours I felt better, I could walk an did not have so much pain when I lay (still could not sit). Day 5, all day I feel better I could even go to toilet which I did not for almost 5 days. As soon as I get off the toilet seat I could feel the strong pain again, so I went to lay down for couple of hours and when I got up my lower back pain wasn't that bad but my hip was hurting me so much that ever since I am walking like a cripple (this is day 8 since all started). Please tell me what to do, how to free myself from constant pain at least for couple of hours, etc. Iam sorry if my spelling isn't good, but I am from Croatia and serving as Alien Forces here in Iraq together with American forces, and thank you very much for taking your precious time to read my problem.
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First Helper Micho1963

replied February 6th, 2008
I am no doctor but it sounds like the same problem I have.
My pain is:

low back, left of spine
the pain worsens and spreads down left hip
the pain can become quite bad and go down leg and when it does it causes my leg to go out and I fall

I am a workers comp case so I don't have MD's that care much about my case, I do have a very kind, wonderful, loving, emthathetic chiropractor who is the first and only medical professional to care and understand my pain. She and my phsyical theripist said that I most likely have strained my Piriformis muscle. And that causes Piriformis syndrome.

Piriformis syndrome:This syndrome occurs when the piriformis irritates the sciatic nerve, which comes into the gluteal region beneath the muscle, causing pain in the buttocks and referred pain along the sciatic nerve.[1] This referred pain is known as "sciatica." 15% of the population has their sciatic nerve coursing through the piriformis muscle. This subgroup of the population is predisposed to developing sciatica.

For me the pain worsened in the same way yours did. And has continued to worsen over the past 15 months. My case is different I was hurt lifting a 300lbs resident of the nursing home I worked for. He had fallen and myself and another cna had to lift him from the floor to the bed. I pulled every muscle in my back. I hurt the muscles so bad that the scar tissue that resalted when I tore the muscles causes me sever pain every day. So your pain may not last as long as mine or worsten to the level mine has.

I don't know if this is what you have going on but how you described the pain sounded like my pain.
I'm on workers comp and I've noticed that people with my type of injury (one you can't see on an MRI or X-Ray) don't get treated as well as people with injuries that can be seen or that have their own health insurence. no one has treated me for this problem, other than stretches my PT gave me or spinal manipulation my Chiropractor did (both helped somewhat). So I have no idea if there is treatment. I myself am considered MMI I wil never get better. I find that when I am in sevear pain (pain so bad I am crying uncontrollibly) the only thing I can do is go to the ER for pain meds. But for moderate pain ice or heat helps. Don't use heat on a new injury because it increases blood flow and causes more pain and swelling. Ice can be used at anytime. I was told to use ice 20 min on 30 min off. I also find that laying flat with my legs propped up on pillows, or on my side with pillows between my legs helps the pain too. It sounds like it's not very likely that you can see a doctor but you do need to because only an MD can tell you what the problem is and how to treat it without making it worse. I hope some of these tips help you out. Good Luck.
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replied February 7th, 2008
Thank you very much for your respond. At this moment my back pain is almost gone, but it seems like most of the pain went to my left leg and as time goes by it goes from the hip down to my foot. This is extremely annoying pain. But I think (hope) I know the reason, and that is inactivity. Because even before I have noticed that when I am not doing any excersize or running my lower back starts to hurt. Last couple of weeks I have been moved to the night shift, and there I did nothing but seat and look at the computer screen. Now I am back to the day shift and I feel better although my leg and foot hurts, at least I can get off the bed easily, and next week I might even try to start run and so on.
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replied July 21st, 2012
lower back pain radiating to hip area and legs
this sounds similar to my pain. However, the pain is constant in my lower back, upper hip area and down both my legs. At times it is so severe that I can hardly move and it will radiate to my lower stomach area. Nothing helps except pain medication, because most doctors would like to see (x-ray,ct etc) proof that something is going. I am entering a new phase where the severity of pain is now affectiny my ability to concentrate. I am headed back to the doctors and possibly asking for exploritory surgery. NOTHING ELSE IS MAKING SENSE to me or them.
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replied July 22nd, 2012
I have had the same problem. The pain is moving due to the tissue in the back, which manipulates and causes the pain to shift and hit the sciatic nerve (which is causing the pain you feel). I recommend doing some Mackenzie exercises to help facilitate the moving and shifting of the tissue to relive the pain on the nerve.

Von (if you have any questions feel free to contact me)
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replied December 5th, 2012
Stretches will do.

lie down. Bedn your right leg in knee and hold by both hands, then place your left leg on the thigh of the ighr leg. Then pull your right leg as close to your chest as possible. 20 sec hold and 5 repeatations.

lie down, lift your left leg, bend in kneww, then with your right hand pull your left knee to the right of the waist. dont turn the waist. 20 sec hold and 5 repeatations

Bend both your legs in knee and foot to the ground (as close to the hips as possible)then lift your waist a little bit 20 sec hold and 5 repeatations

These stretches 3 times a day, will help your feel much better
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replied July 23rd, 2012
Wow. I am so sorry for all of your pain. I am so excited to find a place to talk and listen to my similar problems in short here are mine I would love to hear anything:
Hurt at work comp case
Been since July last year
11 herniated discs at all different levels
degenerative disc disease
Chronic and acute nerve damage
Hips and buttocks are worse... Tailbone is aweful its so difficult to get up from sitting. Tried pt did injections trigger and epidural. Now my feet feel swollen and if bones are breaking... Crepitis in knees wrists and hips. Tried all pain meds I don't like any... Only one I can tolerate and I take half. I use vitamins daily now... I'm going to be forty and my body feels 99. I'm depressed and no specialist seems to take me seriously. I just can't get over the tailbone and feet. Did the Chiropractor thing... It became expensive. I really think more is going on and its not Fibro. This is the first time I ever talked about it publicly so excuse me if I sound all over. I guess I'm just looking for a fresh opinion..I do know I have osteoartritis.. at least beginning stages. Thanks for listening and I hope all of you get better.
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replied December 5th, 2012
This is unbelievably common for so many people. The jerking, twisting motion will often cause an unpleasant sensation which stay around for ages. Self medicating and prescribing will only get you so far. You need to seek professional advice from a doctor, chiropractor, physio, anybody! Whilst as home, take basic steps to adjust your lifestyle and ease pain. Bend at the knees, not the back. Maybe look as yoga to ease your pain and strengthen muscles. Make sure your bed is suitable for high quality sleep. If you buy memory foam mattress topper you would be better supported and rejuvenated. Supportive shoes are also important in keeping your back strong. I hope this all helps, good luck
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