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lower left abdominal pain

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tally ho!

I have pain in my lower left abdomen. it is fairly mild and intermittent. sometimes I notice it becomes more pronounced after bowel movement.


ectopics (2)
history of lower left quadrant pain
have a "retroverted" uterus
left tube blocked.
currently pregnant (10 days from conception)
postive b HCG blood: 27.25
ultrasound found a (corpus luteum?) cyst on the left side.
Pregnancy assisted by injections of Bravelle and 1 "trigger shot" of HCG that was administered on 1-20-08

Otherwise very healthy and strong.

Mildly concerned about ectopic, but also concerned about colon disease/cancer.

Have NOT been seen by a GI doctor yet.

Any ideas?

Too early to feel ectopic? (would only be approx. 10 days pregnant from conception date).

I read online that early pregnancy with a retroverted uterus can cause this kind of pain. I have experienced some pulling/pain/mild on the right side...but I certainly am more aware of the mild pain on the left. And left side pain is more persistent and feels different.

Can corpus luteum cysts of pregnancy give symptoms or mild pain?

what are the usual "time frames" of colon disease/dysfunction/cancer with regards to discomfort before/after bowel movements, frequency of discomfort, other symptoms, etc.

Sometimes it's like a nagging, aching pain...but not severe-- it's mild.

Thank you for your time!

tally ho!
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replied February 5th, 2008
forgot: have 4.5 y/o child post ectopics; vaginal birth
forgot to add:

Have one healthy 4.5 y/o child after ectopics.
gave birth vaginally
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