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STD vaginal bleeding

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i had a sti before (chlamydia or gonorrhea i think) but i didn't took a professional help due to financial reasons.

what i did is research the internet with possible medications.....

i took ofloxacin tablets 400gm twice a day.

symptoms are gone within a week but continued the medication for 2 weeks.

my new girlfriend was a virgin when we first have an intercourse.

my problem is that, she is now experiencing vaginal bleeding which is now lasting over a week.

i don't think its her menstral cycle coz, her last menstral ended jan.22

but when we had our last intercourse last jan.25 she started bleeding after our sex and last still now.

i'm afraid to admit to her that i had a STI before........
i love this girl.....
and i don't want to lose her this way....

could i be still infected with a STI that i passed to her???

but what would it be???

or could it be a natural (non-disease) thing????

i really need your advice with this.... Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
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replied February 5th, 2008
you can't diagnose and treat stis without a doctor's help. how do you it was even treated at all if you aren't even sure which sti you had? where did you even get the medication from? you shouldn't have slept with her without being sure you were clear of whatever you had. did you use condoms? though the bleeding could have been caused by many factors, i know one of the symptoms of gonnorrhea in women is bleeding. your health is important and so is the health of your girlfriend so if you love her like you say you do then you will TELL HER and both of you can go and get tested.
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