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Masturbation and flaccid penis

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Hi im new, names phillip, im 22 and I dont masturbate. I mean never, not once. I have wet dreams every once in a while. I understand that its " normal" , and "healthy", but Personally i dont understand the attraction to it, but not the point. Anyways, since i dont masturbate and that i'm also a virgin, i've noticed a just a little catch to my abstinence. It does not take much for me to get a hard-on, but mostly its when something can be sitting in my lap, or i could just be a hugging a girl, does NOT take long. It kinda bothers me, cause theres times when i have a kid or a pet or a incredibly BOX of anything, and it'll happen. Its like my penis is WAITING for action and takes any pressure to my groin as a sign that im about to have sex. And i AM NOT THAT WAY, im not perverted, or nothing like that, i dont have attraction to kids, or pets, or boxes, in that manner, so i dont know what it is. Anyone else this way, or know why?

2nd. I dread the day i go to the doctor and have to get a physical, and/or getting physical with a girl, whenever that happens.
1. For the same reason as above in my first question.
2. Mine generally stays pretty flaccid or "turtling" as i like to call it, and its pretty much hiding out. Flaccid i'm maybe 3-4 (which is about the avg), erect at 7 maybe a little more. And i'm aware of that
1. Size doesn't really matter to a woman
2. 7 is a little above average

But its just kinda feels weird to see me at my, peak... for a lack of a better phrase. Or that the girl i love will give me the " aww how cute" expression, then of course, ill definitely not be able to hit my peak at 7. Ill be way to embarrased at that point lol.

I know other guys that go through that, but my first question is that one that im worried about the most.
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replied February 3rd, 2008
Not sure what the question is ...!
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replied February 3rd, 2008
Sorry about that, i tend to dance around. ILL EDIT the the OP.

ok NM it wont let me.

Question: Is it normal for someone that DOESNT masturbate or have sex , be very quick to getting erect from simple things like someone sitting in my lap, or giving a girl hug etc.

and the 2nd part was just me ranting about the times of when im "turtling", and the fears of it.

ALSO, can my sexual abstinence, but easy erection lead to P.E.?
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replied February 4th, 2008
Do not worry
Erection is not in anyone's direct control. A women can make you erect by just watching your pelvic area slyly. Erection is an involuntary action for a man/boy. Erection indicates male stability. Girls like flaccid as well as erect positions.
They enjoy for example seeing the bulge of a thoroughly flaccid penis, as also an uncomfortable erection hesitating to show up in your trouser. As for someone sitting on your lap, it is only natural, because your involuntary sense make you feel that the person sitting on your lap may intercept your organ. This is extremely natural.

YOur penis is long enough to dangle inside your trouser and make its
presence so clear.

You have a size similar to that of Bill Clinton. And do you know what Monica
did to him one day. In a crowd, she fondled his long dick and almost threw
it out of gear. It is said that bill wasn't wearing his underwear, of his
erect penis was out of his underpants.

Just do not worry, you have a great life ahead with such an erecting penis
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replied July 23rd, 2008
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my god man - why don't you masturbate? its the best feeling in the world. also it will help with those unexpected erections - we're all human - you'll get them all the time if you don't jack off. and it really relaxes you too so gd for stress.

so you never have done it? i really wanna know why? those wet dreams you are not getting the best of the orgasm. you deserve to feel gd so try it.
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