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pricking and shocks,aches and sometimes eye, face, head pain

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i have no muscle weakness at all, but i get pricking pins and needles and sometimes headache on one side of the head which is worse during the course of the day not in the morning, it is around the eye , sometimes on the left side which moves to the right side occasionally, hands and feet are painful on both sides however (burning pain sometimes even muscle pain), headache comes and goes but when it c omes its like a throbbing feeling on one side depends the day or time...but itchanges positions, i was tested by the neuro, neuro exam is fine, which means ihave no symptoms of stroke etc (i did cbc test it was clean, even my blood pressure is low to low normal) usually high blood pressure causes stroke or blood cloth (i was also tested for that (part of the cbc includes also that test (ldl and hdl, got more hdl than ldl) , it's clean)..later on when all this was clear to me, i started searching for causes of paresthesia, and ms comes up, or either lupus or aids (pheriferal neuropathy)i don't think perifreal neuropathy presents with painful eyes or muscles (only tingling or pricking and it can be severe) when it comes to burning pain it's not that it seems more like ms, but not sure.. if ms presents with feveres than i'm not one of those, i have no fever, and my symptoms do not worsen with heat or higher temperature, as it's said about ms....then what can this be???? neuro says it's anxiety..could this be the cause????
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