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Bump on head/calcium deposit

My toddler had a hard fall 3 weeks ago that resulted in a big bump on his forehead.
I treated it with arnica ointment and tablets, but not ice since he refused to let me put ice on his forehead.
Now most of it is gone, but he has a hard little bump...I've researched and realized it may be a calcim deposit from the injury.
Question: How do you treat/remove this calcium deposit 3 weeks after the injury that caused it?
maria Confused
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replied February 3rd, 2008
calcium deposit
as far as i know there is no treatment for a calcium deposit. also are you sure it is a calcium deposit and not just a lump. as lumps can last for several weeks.
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replied May 24th, 2013
Same problem!
Hi Maria, did the lump eventually disappear? I'm facing the same problem now!
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