Hello, this is not me but a friend of mine I want to help because i'm getting a lot of worried about her.

She's 22, she weights around 50 kilograms (around 110 pounds ??).
She already went to the doctor and made exams, more then once actually, they accused nothing out of the ordinary.

What happens is that once in a while during morning she starts to get really pale (she has brown skin so i notice right away), she starts shivering, getting cold sweats, starts getting dizziness etc etc, and the only way to solve it is by eating something. She has a historical of faints, although the last one was 2 years ago.
Apparently this could mean that she didn't have breakfast, but she did, i live with her and she eats every morning before going to work. Her doctor told her she was probably not eating, and if I didn't live with her i probably thought that too. On a normal person this doesn't happen.
She can get up from bed right away after waking up, like waking up and getting up really fast, she have to wait a little while or she starts getting dizzy.
Sometimes I get really scared, like yesterday even with eating it lasted a very long time.
Is there something it might missed the doctor, the first things crossing my mind were diabetes, anemia, etc, but that would appear on regular exams i think. Any suggestions on how to help her, or something to minimize the effects?
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replied February 2nd, 2008
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She could be hypoglycemic.
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