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discovered things bout BFs ex,shocked and a little worried

I had had problems with this girl back in July of last year. She had found my BF on myspace and kept trying to hang out with him. She was so weird, saying one story and then another. I fixed that problem so to

Now I usually go onto another forum and I saw her screenname and out of curiosity I cheked the profile and tada!! It was her. I read some of her posts and there is one that worries me so much.

Shè was asking help on something...her current boyfriend she met when she was 13. She says she cheated on him 5 times. She is 19 now. She had a kid when she was 17 She met my boyfriend when she was 15!! So she cheated on her guy wit the guy who is currently my boyfriend.

Meaning she played her guy when she was 15 and wit my BF.(she says they went out for a year and a boyfriend says only 1year) 2 years later she has a kid. I look at the kid and it looks nothing like my boyfriend. But I'm just disgusted and surprised at how she came to me all angry and defensive. Now I know why!

When My boyfriend was in the military at 18
he even asked her if she was cheating on him. And the !**@! said no. Now I know the truth. She was with both of them at the same time, using my boyfriend to cheat on hers. But I'm not going to tell my boyfriend cause this was years ago. I would rather have it fester in her concious than start something unnecessary.
And I felt bad confronting her! Lmao not anymore!!

But I am so shocked and surprised. She has the balls to say she's a changed woman?lmao she is no woman no matter if she has a kid. Having a kid doesn't make you a woman. All the replies she got on that topic were either hostile or helpful towards her, and she just replied angryly to the people that were trying to help her see things

So I don't think its even necessary to let my boyfriend kno that she did cheat on him while he was in the military. But what do you guys think?
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replied February 3rd, 2008
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If he's not having contact on her anymore and you two are going steady, there's no reason why you need to bring up something from the past that he doesn't need to know about.....that's over and done with.

Unless he wants to keep talking about some fond memories of her or something and it makes you ill because you know that she wasn't faithful or..... If he was to break up with you and try going out with her again or something, then yes he would need to know about her duplicity.

The best thing to do is to move on and forget about her.
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replied February 4th, 2008
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That's exactly was I was thinking Smile there's no need to bring it up cause she already had caused some tension between me and my boyfriend in the past. We both know she lied cause she gave him one story and me another.

But to each his own and even tho I don't like her, or know her, I really hope she grows up for her the sake of her kid. Thanks mominashoe Smile
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