Hello everyone!

Most of you know me in here! Im nicole, and im in this forum alot while im here at work. I just wanted to let you know last night I was talking with my husband and he kept telling me he wants to start our family. And I said we arent ready and dont have enough money, but we talked about it and set the date for january to try to start having a baby!

So any advise from stretch mark creams and oils to morning sickness methods to which foods are best will help!

i know its kinda far away but I want to be best prepared for everything. Plus I have everything from my sister who had her baby last year. So ive got the crib, cradle, changing table, you name it!

Thank you so much!
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replied September 12th, 2003
Some Suggestions
Hi there I have two kids. I have had a vaginal delivery and a c-section so, you could say I am experienced.

For constipation: it doesn't taste very good but prune juice is the way to go.

For urinary tract health: cranberry juice. Plus it will take the sting out of your pee if you have an episiotimy or tearing.

For yeast infections: everyone seems to forget yogurt will kill a yeast infection within 24 to 48 hours.

Walking: don't run, walk. Every single day. The more you walk during your pregnancy the shorter your labor will be.

Eating: you are not eating for two, you are eating like a woman who needs to get all of her daily nutrients. Three square meals a day and two snacks.

Sex: have a lot of sex. It won't hurt the baby and after the baby comes you will never see it the same way again.

Take your prenatal vitamins (before you concieve) and do not miss a single doctors appointment.

Last, print this out and take it to your doctor so he/she can tell you why I am right.
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replied September 12th, 2003
I Agree With Laura
:d yea!!! Isn't it exciting when you decide to start trying to get pregnant. My husband and I made this decision in june and we're still trying. But it's such and awesome feeling to know that you are creating a life. Anyway, i'm also a nurse...And everything laura said is right on. Taking your prenatal vitamins at least 3 months before you get pregnant will decrease the chances of neural tube defects(spina bifida) and cleft lip and palate. Plus it's good for you. Well good luck nicole! :d
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replied September 15th, 2003

well as for strechmarks there is no cream out there the will prevent them. It all depends on your kins type. And food wise girl lol I know the when we all get pregnant our intentions are to eat healthy, but boy we forget the really quick.

Good luck
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