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Abortion and Anesthesia

ok, this is going to sound weird, but i was just wondering if i could get some clarification, for my own sake. i got an abortion about 4 years ago at around 12 weeks. i really don't have a whole lot of recollection about the procedure as a whole. i remember lying on the table, feeling cramping and pain, and hearing sucking noises, i guess. there was a nurse there by me, holding my hand. and then it was over and i got dressed and went out to a room where other women were resting in chairs. i now work in an OB/GYN office, and the docs i work for don't do abortions. but working there makes me feel semi-weird about the whole thing. i think about how we schedule women for diagnostic D&Cs and they are put under anesthesia and how an abortion is basically the same thing (right?) and i wasn't under anesthesia. i felt pain. i just guess i don't understand what is all entailed in the whole abortion procedure, and 4 years later i find myself wondering...
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replied February 1st, 2008
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I work in an abortion clinic..

ALMOST ALL abortion clinics DO use anesthesia, but SOME do not.

Planned parenthood tends to NOT use anesthesia a lot... They tend to have a large number of appointments..

MY clinic includes the cost of IV anesthesia for all women, but some choose to have it because they may be breastfeeding.

Most clinics that I know of offers sedation/anesthesia, Planned parenthood and a few others do not, but most do.
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