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Really, Really Vivid Nightmares in an Adult (Page 2)

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January 19th, 2010
really vivid nightmares EVERY NIGHT NOW....
MY GOD!! Im having REALLY vivid nightmares every night!! Examples...

I woke my husband up doing CPR, hitting his chest real hard and crying buckets saying: please dont die.. (I was asleep) He wakes me up and says: its ok honey, hey wake up... and I sit down and cry...

Another example: I jump from laying down to sitting with one hand covering my husbands boddy and the other pushing towards the man(all in black/big shadow) with a thing that looks that an axe, moving it towards us at the end of the bed in a movement like going to kills us... I screm: ahhhhhhhh!! noooo!!! and PAIN SHOOTS THROUGH MY BODEY AND I CRY HARD.

Another quick example: I open my eyes and SEE vivid MACHINES moving toward my face, I TRY TO TOUCH THEM, BUT MY HANDS GO THROUGH THEM...

there are many more, every day. Another example, last night: This guy, normal guy except he has no eyes, no eye balls, just saggy black holes where the eyes should be, soooo scary, comming towards me. and a chubby lady with long brown hair, she grabs a knife (big knife) and in a very fast movement cuts her own wrist!!!!!

I HAVE TRIED NOW, TO KEEP MY EYES CLOSED SO I DONT SEE THINGS... but the feeling is the same... the pain all over my body... etc.. so....

Alright... jeee!!!! Anyway.. I have a doctors appointment on the 25th today is the 18th. (jan/2010)

I also have symptoms of depression, OCD, and all kinds of other things... but in general Im a good person, don't use drugs or drink... and I am extremely artistic...

whew.... lets see what happens from here.. good luck to you all...
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replied January 22nd, 2013
I understand.

I had a simmilar nightmare this morning and it is the third reoccurrence of this one over a span of a couple months. It is simple.

I'm lying in bed, exactly where I really am, my bedroom looks the same as if my eyes are open, and for all I know, they are. I hear someone breaking into our apartment through the window or breaking the lock on the door or something. I know they're a psycho killer whos coming in to kill us. I desperately try to wake up my boyfriend but I can't because, I can't speak or move. I feel a scream come through my chest but it gets trapped in my throat and im silent, listening to this psycho killer break into our basement, my boyfriends oblivious and for some reason, i know im about to be killed with a knife, which is far more terrifying than a gun.

The way I dream isn't always lucid but it is always vivid and consistent. So basically you could say I live two lives. If I dream of something mundane and likely, I will confuse it with reality.
If I dream that I am crying, I'll wake up still crying and stay that way for a very long time, even though i probably don't know why im doing it. i just know something really hurt me and this reflects my waking life; you know how when you're deeply hurt, your heart physically hurts? i get this all the time because i have emotional problems. happy with life but destroyed every time something hurts my feelings and it happens quite easily.

When the dream is lucid, I don't take control. I let it go on its own and experience whatever it throws at me because i can learn a lot about my ability/blessing/curse and my self if i know im dreaming.

I'm also in a dilemma because my bf talks in his sleep and hes contantly screwing another woman and i feel like, this could only be a product of conscious thoughts during the day. i dont hold him accountable for it though. its not his fault.

now to answer your question, if you still exist on this forum and still want to know....

from my experience i can tell you you're sh*t out of luck. lucid nightmares are just a trap. You know you're dreaming, but it's still real. You lose control of the dream and desperately pray to wake up, but for me this doesnt happen until "the bad guys" get me, the climax of the fear, the belief that, even though you're dreaming, you still experienced being murdered, or in your case, taken away.

Try to alter your perception from fear if lucid, if you can feel empowered enough, you can materialize a weapon in your hand that will give you the upperhand with your attackers, so long as you aren't scared to use it and miss. Know you'll kill them the first time. This takes balls, and practice. But if you defeat this dream it will never come back.

(im aware that this information is useless to you because you posted this in 2008. maybe its useful idk i just responded for the sake of other people like me googling "lucid nightmares" trying to get answers or words of someone who understands. I often find that to be a comfort if someone else experiences the same thing.)
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replied October 19th, 2013
I have them too. Whenever I think I've had the worst one I have another one even worse. Last night I had one about a man using an automatic gun to shoot through a door killing people inside then turning to me and coming after me. He got into a battle with police and injured some of them. I woke up frozen with terror. I also woke with my arms wrapped around myself then asked God for help. Sometimes when I eat something high in starch or sugar the night before I'm finding it triggers dreams. I already get them but bedtime eating doesn't help. PTSD nightmares are the worst! Prazosin was helping but not any more. Sad
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replied October 19th, 2013
I wanted to add something. Recently I had one that I was being shot at by a woman. When I woke up one of my cats was on my top shelf of a book case. I was terrified. It felt just like I was still being shot at and my cat was the shooter. I soon realized it was the cat but man oh man. It was HORRIFYING!!! Dreams like this can shake me up for days to where I stop eating and otherwise don't care for myself.
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replied November 30th, 2018
Thank you for asking at Ehealth forum!

I read your question and I understand your concern.
I would suggest you to observe sleep hygiene.
If problem still persists then go for sleep studies.
I hope it helps. Stay in touch with your healthcare provider for further guidance as our answers are just for education and counselling purposes and cannot be an alternative to actual visit to a doctor.
Take care
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replied April 8th, 2019
l suffer from the same, when l brought up incest, l relived it immediately through dreams. My current trauma, l suffered vivid dreams of unwanted male attention and l wake up upset.
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