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+ ANA during high risk pregnancy

During my high-risk pregnancy, a thorough blood panel was drawn. I was found to have Lupus anticoagulants, and subsequent testing revealed positive antinuclear antibodies, though my double-strand DNA was negative.

Im a 30 y.o. female, 16w5d pregnant.

The only symptoms I have that would coincide with an autoimmune disorder, are fatigue, joint and muscle pain (Especially in my hips, lower back, and neck). I suffer from other issues, as well, mostly psychiatric related to anxiety and depression.

My OB says that since the dbl strand was negative, they are certain I do not have lupus. However, from what Ive researched this test can fluctuate, and in a group of 100 lupus patients, only 62 (or 67) had a + dbl strand dna result.

Even if I dont have lupus, isnt the +ANA with lupus anticoagulants, fairly indicative that there is definitely something going on with my immune system?
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replied February 24th, 2009
Lupus anticoagulant can also be associated with Hughes syndrome aka antiphospholipid syndrome. There is a second antibody test called anticardiolipin antibody that may be helpful to ruleout this condition.
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