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Creativity and Bipolar Disorder

i begun to feel this weird thing when i was 18 , and being recently diagnosed that i 100% have Bipolar Disorder , within that time spam , i ruined 3 good relationship with my girlfriends.and ruined my social activities

but in return of my bipolar , i being recognized as an local artist especially at web design at my homeland.

now i know the correct answer is the BIPOLAR
and my newest 2008 edition web
New Inspirations : (edited to remove link)
since i begin to fully recover from my depression
and have proper counseling with a good Doctor and take proper medication ( Depakote,Zolot,Serenace,Esilgan,Aktivan)

the point is not all Bipolar Disorder people must suffer hard times , we too can manage to the positive side ( although i understand its really hard when we re at the depressed episode or manic )

and my Newest projects is (edited to remove link)
have won the project contract while i`m on the onset of my depression
cause my last relationship with a girl did not work out , since she cant stand my angre and mood swing.

yours truly
leonardy gunawan
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replied February 1st, 2008
Extremely eHealthy

You give me hope. My son is bipolar and very artistic. He draws and paints with such detail and feeling. He is only 9 years old but some of his work is so beautiful that we have it framed and hanging in our living room.
I love your work. Keep it up.
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replied February 1st, 2008
Dont Give Up , give him Hope and Support
Bipolar is truly related to Creativity
My Families have supported me from the beginning , till now
since we dont know what actually happened

although its hard to live with Bipolar person
but if you give us HOPE and FAITH, we can Survive and become Somebody respectfully

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replied February 3rd, 2008
Great work Leonardy! You are an amazing artist! I wrote a book that was published and sells pretty well. I try to live my life not thinking about having BP, but rather being creative. I think a lot of the "mad scientist" types actually have/had BP but we didn't have a word for it. I know I have it but prefer to think of being "neurologically diverse".
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replied June 11th, 2009
i hope u will recover soon.. don't give up friend.. i know u can and u will..
cia yooo!!!!!
to: my new friend "Leonardy Gunawan"
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