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11 mm Kidney Stone and pain meds

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In 2003, I was teaching English in Ecuador and had a kidney stone that was 11 mm!! I had to get 4 injections of Morphine when I was admitted to the hospital and that just CALMED ME DOWN. I STILL had pain. They had to go up and cut it up to get it to pass! NOW, I have another one and I am in the states. I HOPE that this one isnt that big, but I am seeing my urologist today and HOPEFULLY he will give me something for pain so I can pass this thing or he can go in and get it out! I am starting a new job next week and cant have this going on with everything else going on in my life (lumbar damage to my bac, etc). I know that in Ecuador they were very generous with the Morphine, but I am not sure how it will be here in the states. I HOPE it is somewhat similar. Does anyone have any idea or any idvice. I HATE these things!!
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replied February 1st, 2008
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How are you doing?
Did you see a doctor for your kidney stones?

I get these all the time and I know they are worse than giving birth!!!

Here in the USA we have pain scale and doctors,nurses,hospitals, etc.. must ask you what your pain level is 0-10..10 being the worst.

Sorry to hear you suffer with other problems as well...I am in the same boat.Sad

Hope you feel better soon..Smile
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