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itch on scrotum after mono and antibiotics

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OK...I've been sick for a little over three weeks now went to the doctor and ER both say I tested postive for mono. My first doctor that I went to see gave me antibotics called Avelox and let me tell you that drug is not fun. I had all the side effects and I lost some percentage of my hearing for a temp time..I really went thru it with i stop taking the medicine i just did not take the last pill but had already taken six doses..Ok and my other doctor just recently had me taking Amox 500MG 3 times a day..but before all this I did a big no no and was taking my mothers 850MG Amox...Now that everything has subsided im having problems...I had oral thrush for a while and doctor gave me the tablets for your tongue and took care of that.. and now the good part...

I noticed an itch on my scrotum and on both sides. So I started with the antifungal creams and eating yogurts as I had done my research on about taking broad-spectrum antibotics or prolong use can cause jock itch or yeast infections. After a while the itch subsided but now I've started to have dull pains in my testicles and seem to relieve itself when I urinate.. THe other day I was urininating more than normal but now the symptom has subsided also..I do have some anal itching but no pain..I notice no discharge at rashes because I went to a walk-in clinic and the doc said she seen no signs of STD's rash, bumps, sores etc. Im planning on getting STD screened because im sexual active but I always use protection execpt on rare occasssion of oral sex. No pain when urinating actually my urine is clear as water. I did have some tingling sensation in the tip of my penis but my doc looked and seen nothing and she told me im prolly just worried about STD's. Last unprotected oral sex I had was around November.. NOthing but protected sex after that I always wear condoms for vaginal intercourse. My fever has finally broke after weeks of fighting some infections. I've discountinued all antibotics for now until I return to my doc for one month eval..Also discountinued sexual intercourse until I figure out whats going on for the sake of my girlfriend..I have only had 2 sex partners in the last 3 years...HEr and one act of oral sex performed on me..Thats it..

SO can anybody help me out? Any ideas wats going on?
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replied July 17th, 2017
Did you travel outside of the country during that time? I took antibiotics and shortly after developed that same itch only on the sides of my scrotum also with slight oral thrush (spots on my tongue) and diarrhea
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