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Sciatic pain over a year after surgery

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I had a microdiscectomy with laminectomy times two a year and a half ago. Three weeks after the initial surgery my disc reherniated, so I had surgery again.

i have continued to have low back pain with sciatic pain down my right leg, which has basically remained unchanged. I am able to function, and work now but take ibuprofen on a regular basis.

I was recently ill, with strep throat and some kind of virus. When I was ill i didn't have any pain at all. Which surprises me because my pain is usually worse when I am inactive. I remember, before the surgery I was ill, with similar sypmtoms, and again I did not have any pain while I was ill. I am wondering why I wouldn't have the pain while I am ill. Could it be an autoimmune, could it have something to do with the TNF-a.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.

Thanks, Chris
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