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pain right side of body and nerve damage

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Confused hi i have had pain on the right side of my body for some time now have had mri they saidit was from 2 disc in my neck 2 in upper back bulging against my sac around spinal cord causing pain im on neurontin for this and have nerve damage on right side just went to foot dr. for pain in my foot theysay i have bone spurs and plantis faiocis ????? in oth feet plus a damaged nerve just behind my toes on my right foot they stretched my foot while stretched they put a pad on it andthe it was wrapped with tape painful i also have scoloisis the pain is driving me mad and they just keep putting me on more pills i have been told this might be caused from agent orange cause my dad was in vet nam and might be linked to spinal biffida ????? please i need help tired of limping around in circles lol

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