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recurring adhesions on intestines and hernia

I am currently 37 years old. For the past 10 years I have been struggling with recurring adhesions on my intestines (mostly my sigmoid colon) and recurring hernia (although I do not do a lot of heavy lifting or straining). It was recently discovered that I now also have tumors on my liver. These tumors are thought to be benign hemangioma (MRI). I have not suffered any abdominal trauma and the adhesions were discovered during a laparoscopy in 2000 BEFORE I had ever had any other surgeries (so not post-operative adhesions).

My primary symptoms are abdominal pain/discomfort (usually lower left quadrant), pain in my left hip area, and scrotal tightness (especially right before and right after a bowel movement). It is difficult to sit for a prolonged period as well as stand for a prolonged period without a great deal of pain/discomfort. My only semi-relief comes when I am laying flat on my back. Laying on my left side is pretty much impossible.

Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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