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dry cough and irritated airways from AC


Since beginning work in an office which is air-conditioned I have found that I am suffering a dry cough and irritation in my airways.

Is there a connection between AC and respiratory irritation, and if so is this something which improves as the body adapts to the environment.

Any suggestions welcome.

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replied February 4th, 2008
Yes! Air conditioning systems can increase chest and respiratory problems b/c germs and fungus can live, grow, and spread via the system. You might ask when the last time the filter was changed ... ?

Consider this: Central air-conditioning increases the chances of the spread of communicable respiratory diseases. There is no fresh air ventilation --- the same air re-circulates all the time. Ack!

I'd suggest you look into perhaps an herbal respiratory spray that you can inhale occasionally to clear your lungs. For example, sprays with COLLOIDAL SILVER provide an excellent natural alternative for the lungs, asthma, bronchitis to help you breathe easy and stay healthy.
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replied March 19th, 2013
Air con and whooping cough
I work in a modern industrial kitchen that has no windows, air is constantly blown in. Can this air cause whooping cough?
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