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laparoscopy and dye test, not ovulating

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I have been having problems since my teenage years from having no period to trying to have a baby i have to go through 3 surgeries(all at the same time) next month-laparoscopy, d&c and a dye test. I lost a baby wheb i was 16 weeks in dec 2006 and i havent ovulated since so thats why i have to go through these tests. Has anyone had to go through this or know of someone that has please let me know.
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replied February 1st, 2008
I went through this in May 2007. It wasn't too bad. The only thing is I still haven't got pregnant.
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replied March 7th, 2008
infertility, laparoscopy, ovulation

I've been through all that. My husband and I tried for 4 years and I am now 3 months pregnant.

We finally got to the Fertility Clinic and they found the problem!

What I did - might help you:

-CLOMID tablets to make sure you ovulate

-Vaginal Ultrasound to detect a pregnancy immediately - Dr should be able to see the yolk sac by 4 weeks-6weeks.

-400 mg daily of PROMETRIUM (Progesterone) to fluff up your uterus lining so that the embryo can implant.

-Now, you could start taking daily: just 1 tablet of Child Aspirine & 1 Prenatal Vitamin.

-If you are underweight, increase your carbohydrate intake (Pastas, Bread, there's a good high fiber Pasta called Catelli Smart Pasta).

-I also went for acupuncture to fix my cycle! If you have an absence of your period, an Acupuncturist can start that back up!

-When you do ovulate, make love on the right days (usually days 9-19 of your cycle) and only once per day to keep the sperm more potent, and stay laying down to prevent the sperm from slipping out. ALSO, have an orgasm after love-making so that your cervix & uterus dip down into the pool of sperm laying in your vagina.

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