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Throbbing pain in neck

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For a while now I am experiencing a strange sensation whenever engaging in demanding physical activity. Well actually I am refering to sexual arousement/ intercourse.

I would sense a mild, throbbing pain that stretches along the left side of my neck. It goes away after physical activity ceases, mostly after 5 minutes. Sometimes I also experience palpitations, espescially befre going to sleep. They are actually like a reinforced hartbeat, more pounding and impossible to ignore.

Are these two occurences normal? Should I seek medical advice from a doctor?


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replied January 29th, 2008
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I wonder if you're sensing a rush of blood to the head. Is that happening during sex or orgasm?

You mentioned pain...can you be more specific? Confused

Also, I don't think that the sensing heartbeat thing at rest is a big deal. Is your heart beating normally or quickly?
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