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not speaking after heart attacks and ventilator

My father had 2 heart attacks and the hospital said he coded, but none of the alarms went off and his pressure just went down really low. they had to do chest compressions. records are very shady.

He was on a ventilator for a few days and was able to get off, but the sedative took some time to wear off because he has renal disease. It has been a week since he was on the sedative, but they are giving him other things for anxiety and sleep. he spoke a few words and answered a few questions the other day, but over the last few days, nothing. I recognize a lot of his personality in his facial expressions and mannerisms. his eye-hand coordination is back after about 5 days. now he is almost standing up in his hospital bed. CT of his brain was negative. next will be an MRI. they are also treating him with dialysis.

Any ideas? could be brain damage or catatonia. some doctors think it could take weeks to clear out his system of the meds and toxins.

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