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I am new to this forum and have read through a number of posts regarding people who do not have "true" depth perception. I have a functional degree of depth perception, however I am unable to pass depth perception tests administrated to me because my eyes are not completely aligned. I am 23-years old, and had surgery to re-align my lazy eye when I was 3-years old. The surgery was successful, as my eyes were re-aligned cosmetically.

Maybe 10 years or more ago my dad showed me a magic eye photo from the news paper and said it was amazing how there is an image within an image. I tried really hard and I could not see anything. It was not a problem to me since I had no idea that my vision was any different from anyone elses. A few years ago I applied to become a police officer (life time dream), and I could not pass the depth perception test. I did not see the fly pop out of the booklet, or which circle out of the five "popped" out at me. I was advised I did not have binocular vision, and it was too late to do anything about it.

I have tried visiting a number of doctors in my area (Ontario, Canada), and I have not heard any good news yet. In conclusion they said if I was not fusing the images as a child, I will never be doing so as an adult. This was really devasting as I did not learn about this until I applied to become an officer. I am involved in a number of sports such as baseball and basketball, and never had any problem with accuracy and judging distances. I have a perfect driving record, and have never experienced any difficulty with judgements in distance.

I am really fustrated, dose anyone know if there are options avalible to me, or is this a dead end road.
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