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back & rib aches plus contractions and Nausea

what are some good things to help with keeping food and liquids down. I should pretty much be over that part but some days i still throw up 3 or 4 times. now i am anemic and take an extra vitamin a day. Doc did an US of my gallbladder and showed nothing back aches everyday in the same exact spot in my middle back and goes around to my lowest rib. i was in the hospital for 8 hrs the other day for contractions and fluuids. Am i normal/???!

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replied January 25th, 2008
Especially eHealthy
i had that with my son. i was 36 weeks and i was vomitting and having diaherra so bad that my contractions were right on top of each other and had to get fluids pumped into me.

My sister in law was so sick her entire pregnancy she was in the hospital like every other week because she couldnt keep anything down and they were having to give her bags of fluid. but then again she had a gallbladder problem. The doctors actually didnt find it, it was an ultrasound tech that was friend of her moms.

Some ppl just get it worse than others, and youll get thru it and have a beautiful baby at the end. How far are you? I would get a second opinion on the gallbladder just in case.
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