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stealing, lying boyfriend

so, i've been together with this guy a little over a year now.
the entire time has been lying to me. he does drugs behind my back.
(even though he's getting 'better' for the who-knows-how-many-ith-time now...)
all my friends say he treats me horribly.
and now after a few days (i knew about it) i got him to confess that he stole
$20 from me. he's paying me back very soon. hopefully.
this guy has drug me through hell and back.
not to mention, i'm always the one that crawls back to him.
hes doesn't know what he wants half the time. sometimes
he wants a relationship, and sometimes he doesn't.
when hes in bad moods (he's very depressed) and i ask
him if he loves me, he says he doesn't love anything, including me.

why do i stay in this relationship? i don't know.
i feel so stupid for being with him, yet so lost without him.
during our many 'breaks' i always find myself caving in.

hes an amazing person under all this, he really is. hes a total sweetheart.
i know i cant change him, but i want to help him. he would be a great
person if he only knew what GOOD qualities he has.

what do i do? i'm totally lost.
and i KNOW i'm very stupid for staying with him. :/
but i just want to see him happy...
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replied January 25th, 2008
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you're NOT's just because you LOVe him.....
it's hard to let go of someone when you've been together for a LONG time......
you say he's doing drugs behind your back?...
if so, then he's not being himself when he says all those nasty things to he doesn't love you.....that's the DRUG talking.....
you just gotta be strong about him...
you have to show him that you'll stay by his side and help him through....
but if he hits you...and you feel that you cant take it anymore...then my advice to you is to get da hell out of that relationship......
guys with drugs can be a bit out of hand....
if you see that he's willing to help himself out..then you should help him out to0....
----kepp me posted-----
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