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testosterone causing sex drive to disappear ?

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I am 21 yrs old, in great shape. I work out all the time, and have always had an extrrrrreemly high sex drive. But all of a sudden exactly 2 months ago it completely dissapeared. I can even remember the day. I havent changed anything in my routine or taken any outstanding supplements to cause such an effect. I have a steady girlfriend who obviously wants it all the time. And she used to not be able to keep up with me. But in the last 2 months Ive had sex once, i hardly masturbate, and I dont get mourning erections. my penis looks smaller than ever, and its very very embarrassing and depressing. Ive looked everywhere for answers and I thought well maybe my testosterone levels just dropped dramatically somehow, so i started taking tribulus terrestris for about a week and a half to no result, still taking it though. Im panicing big time, any clue as to what I can do, take, or some one to see is very helpful. please this is embarrassing but I need to figure it out. thank you for your time and concern
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replied March 11th, 2008
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I would suggest you stop doing the guess work and see a doctor. You are to young for this to be happening. Now, if your were talking steriods, I would say there is your problem in a nut shell. If you are not, then time to have some real blood work do and stop trying to treat yourself when you are looking for a needle in a haystack kinda deal. Going from one extreame to another like this is not usual. See a doctor please.

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