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hair falling out and bad skin

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I have no other medical reasons why my hair seems to be falling out in grooves, my face doesn't look so good these days (not really acne - just patchy and uneven color tone), and a few other things.

I don't know what to do anymore.

I guess I don't think my health is BAD - I don't eat fast food all the time, I do eat too many sweets, I occassionally exercise, I'm only about 10 pounds overweight, I could probably drink more water, I don't eat all my fruits and vegetables in a day - but I do eat some. yadda yadda

Honestly, if wasn't losing my hair and my face didn't look so... bad - I wouldn't even be worrying about this.

So, should I book an appointment with my dermatologist or just drink more water????

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replied June 6th, 2008
hair loss
How much oil are you getting in your diet? You need a teaspoon to a Tablespoon per day to keep your hair adn skin looking good. I would recommend a good flaxseed oil or a good EFA (Essential fatty Acid) supplement.

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replied September 9th, 2008
Great suggestion FL Charm. I would also say it would be worth getting your thyroid checked. THose are classic hypothyroid symptoms.
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