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Vitamins burn my stomach

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I've been reading the posts about synthetic and natural vitamins and I don't understand the difference or know how to find out (I'll just ask - Centrum A-Z is synthetic, right?)

I had to stop taking Centrum. I took it for over a year and then about 5 months ago it started burning my stomach about 10 minutes after I took it. It didn't matter if I took it with or without food. What's weird is it started happening some time after I'd been taking it.

I've stopped taking a vitamin entirely and I am noticing a lot of problems with my body since having stopped.

What vitamin should I try... that won't burn my stomach? TIA
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replied February 8th, 2008
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Try taking a whole food vitamin with food. Whole food vitamins won't burn your stomach because they are made from natural food sources....they didn't even make me sick when I was pregnant! I take "Alive".
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