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chemotherapy for pleural effusion

Hi, my mother was diagnosed with stage-IV ovarian cancer, in the first week of december. She had massive pleural effusion in the left lung. However, her abdomen was clear.The doctor said that she cannot be operated right away and she'll have to go through 3 cycles of chemotherapy( Taxol and Carboplatin) before .

She has been given 2 doses since then with little effect on the pleural effusion.The fluid keeps coming back even after tapping.However, her CA-125 level has dropped significantly to about half the original value.

I'm not able to decide whether these are positive signs or not and whether there are any chances of recovery.

Plese help me out......
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replied January 25th, 2008
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Like all cancers, this one is most dangerous when discovered late. Hope of a cure in the most advanced stage (stage IV) is only 5 percent (only about 5 percent of those diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer will survive for five years).
Your mother has pleural effusion due to cancer cells spread to the lungs (finding ovarian cancer cells in the fluid around the lungs, called pleural fluid is also evidence of stage IV disease).
Stage IV ovarian cancer means that the cancer has spread to the inside of the liver, the lungs, or other organs located outside of the abdominal cavity.
Because of that, stage IV ovarian cancer is difficult to completely remove with surgery and the currently available chemotherapy is unable to eradicate all of the remaining cancer cells (chemotherapy is usually give after surgery, but also, can be received before to have a chance to further decrease the amount of cancer)
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