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forgetting things and feeling judged

i didnt know exactly where to put this, but here it goes.

im starting to become a little concerned about somethings.
im having depression issues as of late, and im seeing a therapist about them. but i feel uncomfortable telling her about some stuff. like half the time i really dont know what im doing. ill walk out of a room, do something, then completely forget. well, i guess not forget, but i dont know if im imagining it. i feel like im acting weird too because i just get the feeling my friends dont want to be around me. im starting to be more of a loner because people just irritate me and hate me anyway, but ive been a lot more moodier lately so i guess people are really starting to hate me.
i cant shake the feeling that everyone is talking about me all the time. that they are judging me off of something or know something about me (true or not) and as weird as this sounds im getting freaked out.

ive been seeing a therapist now ever 2-3 weeks for a couple of months. i started seeing her about some depression and eating disorder issues my mom found out about.
its hard to talk to someone about these things face to face, you know. i mean i like my therapist but i just dont want to sound weird or stupid ranting on about this stuff. and i cant stop feeling threatened in some kind of way. but, hearing what people think and have experience guild me is a lot easier. if that makes any sense.

i dont really know if this will make sense to any of you, but i cant really talk about it with anyone else and i felt this is my best option.
i just need to know is this like, normal?
is this just like, depression things?
and like, what do i do?
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replied January 24th, 2008
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Hi there

I know exactly how you feel. When I started going to a therapist, I also didn't know how much to actually say and if she would bring out the white coats if I told here everything Wink.

I also have problems remembering things but I don't think you need to know the particulars of my situation at this point.

Suffice it to say, it is normal to forget things from time to time, get irretated with people and even sometimes feel like they are judging you etc. It all depends on the severity and what the impact is on your life, work and relationships. That is where the therapist comes in to play. They would evaluate wether it is just normal forgetfullness or some other area that requires treatment.

Some of the things you have just said is extremely important for the therapist to know in order to make a good diagnosis and help you feel a lot better.

My therapy sessions eventually started to turn into a ranting session and she didn't seem to mind all that much Wink.

Psychological problems is very difficult to deal with. If you break your bone, the doctor can take an x-ray and see exactly what has happened and how to fix it. Unfortunately it's not that easy with one's mind (Although sometimes I wish I could just transplant my whole brain into someone else's brain so they can understand what I am thinking and feeling.). Therefor, it is important to mention as much as possible.

You don't have to feel pressured to spill the beans all in one go though. Take it slowly and give more and more every time. Giving too much at once would most probably at any rate overwhelm the therapist and things might get lost. Just so long as you let him/her know about it at a stage in your therapy. The more he/she knows, the better off you are.

And don't feel ashamed or weird. It's not your fault. It's just the way that your brain is wired. See it like it is your brain that needs therapy and not you as a person if that makes sense Wink.

I can assure you that the therapist has seen much worste nut-cases than your self...most probably including me Wink
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replied January 25th, 2008
thank you. :]

yeah, i know i should discus more with her it's just very hard. but i'm going to try. and i agree with you, it would be a lot easier if i could put my brain into hers... i have trouble explaining myself when it comes to things like this...

thank you though. it makes me feel better i'm not alone. :]
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replied January 30th, 2008
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Just glad I could be of some help Smile

Having a struggle as of late trying to tell my Biokineticist, Physio and any other Health Professional for that matter where something hurts. I had gotten so used to certain "chronic" pain, that I suppose I don't realise it any more and it seems "normal".

You can just imagine their frustration with me Wink
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replied January 28th, 2009
Memory and depression
I really feel like a fool posting this but here goes. I am 58 years old and female. Just recently, I have started to forget words in my sentences. It is getting progressively worse. I know I am depressed. I don't have alziheimers. My room mate says I am like not here only in the physical form but not mentally. I have a master's Degree and I am having problems putting my sentences together correctly. Now if anybody has any advice please post
because I need it now
I am unable to work as an instructor due to the fact I am unable to remember words that normally came to me so easily
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replied February 11th, 2009
Can't find the words.
I also feel foolish posting here, but I have the same symptoms as zippy123. I simply cannot find the correct words for sentences. I have had this occasionally in the past, but now it is much more frequent and for longer duration of time.It is hard for me to express this to my Dr. Does anyone have any clues to what this could be?
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replied April 26th, 2009
Everyone forgets. You seemed to be having trouble but before you
become more depressed, have you ever thought of going to
another therapist? You may not be "connecting" with the one
you have now. You sound as if you worry about her thinking
you are silly....whateer! If you are expecting your therapist to
judge you....or you want her to LIKE You...forget it. Remember,
she is trained to help you figure out how you can live a better,
fuller life. YOUR ROOMMATE doesn't have a degree in psycology...
and even if she did, I would think she'd be the last person to be
trying to judge or help you!

I wonder how I think I know what I a saying will be helpful?
I do[n't but all I can do is try to help another human being
get on track! YOU SOUND as if you sincerely want to!

PRAYERS for you!!!
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replied May 5th, 2009
Apparently, according to my friends, I have acted really weird. (murderous stares, hissing, picking-up people, falling on my face)
And I don't know whether to believe them.
I have always been forgetful. But, normally I don't forget around 2 hours. But, of course, I did. I have been told I have S.A.D (Social Anxiety Disorder) by my friends and family. But I don't see what that has to do with anything.

I find talking to a therapist and telling him or her everything doesn't help all the time. But, like betty888 said, you may not be connecting with them. I had a great therapist, then she moved, and the new one I got, I just couldn't talk to. Maybe try connecting with them, or go to a new place.
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replied May 18th, 2011
I forget words but not that i forget them in the vocabulary is sufferring though. I forget and dont comprehend daily things and people around me assume im blunt and maybe i have always been not as sharp or incompetant. ALl of a sudden the thought process people follow, even with regular things seem alien and wierd? I have no problem telling anyone because im kind of desperate to get this over with because im truly READY to forget everything and just start making myself a life. BUt i cant talk to people well and as of now seem like a stupid uninteresting girl.
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