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chromium and constipation

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Could taking chromium cause constipation
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replied January 22nd, 2008
Yes, if you increase your intake of chromium too quickly it can cause bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Or alternate between these symptoms. When did you start taking chromium? What dosage? and how often?
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replied February 16th, 2012
my dr.started me on cinnamon/chromium capsules for glucose control and cholestrol control. he started me at 1000 mg cinnamon 250 mg chromium . The dosage is 3 pills (1500 mg) at breakfast, lunch and 1000 mg for dinner, I find that now i'm constipated, would this be the reason why?? thanks. Also I do have about 1/4 cinnamon in my 2 cups morning coffee. help...
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