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Chronic explosive diarrhea

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I have been experiencing Sad chronic , explosive diarrhea for rougly 3 - 4 weeks now. It is yellow, mucousy and normally occurs within an hour after eating but not always. It can also wake me at night and last for hours. I am getting a very sore butt and very tired. My stimach also aches all the time. Not necessarily nausea but it just hurts. I would really appreciate some insight into this as I am in a serious case of discomfort here. Almost afraid to go anywhere. Thanks.
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replied January 23rd, 2008
Why haven't you gone to the doctor before this? It sounds like an intestinal infection which would require a stool sample to be sent to the lab. It could also be IBS (although that does not generally get you up by night) or Crohn's Disease. There are many other possibilities but you really must see someone asap before you become run-down and lacking in essential minerals. Please drink plenty of fluids in the meantime as dehydration can become a serious problem after this length of time.
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