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still in normal range but adrenal manifestation occurs


So nice to of found this forum, makes me feel better already...

i have family history Dad Aunt etc all Hypos,

Recently had a severe attack that has lasted for a while, reoccuring,
just settling down now, i am tkaing licorce root, cinnamon, barberry root chrome and other supplements seems to have helped.., as well high protein no sugar diet.

My concern is that i have been taking my blood sugar and only go down to high 3 usually i can feel the adrenal and the attack at around 5 and just below it starts...but this looks like its in the normal range, the highest its been at is around 8....

does this happen sometimes although its still close to normal i still have attacks...does anyone know of someone that this is happening to what is the level that most people feel the attack

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated...
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replied January 25th, 2008
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I don't understand those numbers.
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