Hi, I am new to this forum, I would like to pose a question to you in hopes that I may recieve some feedback or advice.

About last thanksgiving I had been occasionally getting dizzy. At least It's kinda like being dizzy,, I'm not really almost falling down and the room's not spinning or anything, it's more of a headrush I think, to be more accurate.. it feels like a headrush that's kinda dizzying, but with no vertigo or anything severe.
A month later just after Christmas about once a day (at nighttime) it seemed like I was having trouble breathing for maybe 10 or 15 minutes or something. It really felt like I couldn't get a full breath, just a 30% breath or so.. and then the feeling would go away. So, no big deal, it just happened like that at night every 2 days or so, but then on Jan 5 (about 2 weeks ago) I had what I considered a major breathing-attack where I felt like I could get more than a 20% breath for about 15 or 20 minutes and it scared me very much. I paced around the house and even went outside to try and get better air but it was just the same. On this day, which I was thinking about it anyway, I quit smoking cold-turkey and thusly I am still without smoking and it's been 15 days now Smile

Anyway, Jan 5 was like a beginning of this ailment that I'm talking about, it is definitely a breathing ailment, or at least the illusion of one, as I had been fighting (and dealing with) it for the passed 2 weeks and it actually does seem to be getting better, I know it is, but I still have it. I am also with the dizziness I mentioned that started off-and-on in late Nov (1.5 months ago)

About 3 days ago I was at work and I was perfectly fine, the best day I'd had up to that point, and then, like it normally does, just out of nowhere I had the feeling of only getting a 30% breath. So I just continue working and I try to breathe but it doesn't go away like it had been after 5 or 10 minutes.. After 15 minutes or so of this my right arm began to tingle with the pinky-finger and then up my whole forearm. I still couldn't get more than 30% air (or so I thought) and then soon after that my left arm began to tingle.. and then both of my arms were tingling and numb with my horror. I was in my boss's office during this time with people around me to try and help me. At this point I told them to call for am ambulance and so one came.. the EMT's talked to me and told me to settle down as they hooked up some wires to my nose and chest, arms, etc.

(btw, I had been occasionally using an albuterol nebulizer as it would *seem* to relieve my breathing symptoms. I had thought this was like having athsma or a lesser version of athsma)

So then the EMT's tell me that I'm not having an athsma attack and that my oxygen output (or input or whatever) was at 100% and that I was getting more than enough oxygen. It was carbon-dioxide that I was not getting enough of, and they both said that I was just hyper-ventilating and to stop it immediately, so they calmed me down and I had slowed my breathing. Within another 5 or 10 minutes my arms began to feel more normal and I had a major headrush and was very dizzy indeed, almost too dizzy to walk but I was able to walk to the ambulance just fine, although dizzy. The EMT's stayed with me for a good 30 or 40 minutes and talked to me, and told me that no matter what I thought was going on, it was not athsma, it was just hyperventilation that was making my arms eventually tingle. My heartrate was way over 100 , maybe even close to 200 at the worst part of that night and my arms had never felt that tingly before nor since.
I declinced a ride to the hospital and went home with my dad where I took a shower and tried to relax. LIke the EMT's said, no matter how bad it feels that I am not getting a breath,, I actually am,, so I can't over-breathe or else I'd hyperventilate again.. which I have not done and it's been 3 days now with success. My arms have never tingled even though I sometimes feel I'm only getting a partial breath.. The passed few days it's still getting better, but still at the worst times I feel like I'm drawing a 50 or 60% breath.. and then it goes away in about 10 minutes.

I have found that Vicks Vaporub helps when I breath it during one of these "attacks" (however mild or moderate) and I am able to breathe much better, a 30% boost of perceived air going into my lungs.

It is to my understanding that I am suffering (occasionally) from the *Illusion* that I am unable to breathe properly sometimes, maybe once per hour or twice on a bad day for 5 - 10 minutes each 'attack' and then it returns to normal. I'm Vicks'ed up all the time now and it's helping, but I'm still not 100% well and nobody around me suffers like this, nor do people I work with, it's totally unheard of from what I've found. I don't think it's a severe problem, or at least I hope not.. I have a rabbit that's in my room but I've had rabbits for many years without this happening before, dogs and other pets in the house too, although I just have the 1 rabbit now. I've never had athsma in my life, nor any other kind of breathing ailment, never, except when I got sick in 1998 with broncitus.
I'm not sick at all, I have a perfect appetite and I'm not tired. I dont have headaches, no bleeding anywhere, nothing else. Just occasional illusion of hard-breathing and dizziness or ... more accurately : head-rushes.. or semi-head-rushes.. it's hard to explain. It feels like theres a pressure in my head that makes me feel kinda dizzy, although I dont have any problems at all standing or walking.
Just one other ailment but I don't know if it's related or not, It might just be eye-strain, but when I use my computer for a long time my eyes start to blur and I see fading impressions of images.. like right now I take my eyes away and see somewhat bright white lines in the air where all this text was previously viewed. I'm just mentioning this because this started in November as well around the time the dizziness started.

Thank you for reading all this, I am just curious if anybody has any idea or has suffered from this minimal ailment as well.. although it's not really minimal, it's quite bothersome and I really would prefer to be sick than to suffer with this for going on 3 weeks now.

btw I have read the main common symptoms of black mold inhalation and I do not have any of them besides the dizziness part., but thats' very ambiguous I would think as dizziness can come from a lot of places.
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replied January 23rd, 2008
Hey Ketzer

So glad I came across your post. I've actually had experience with this type of thing since my college days (I'm now 35). When if first happened to me, I was taken to the ER and given a breathing treatment as well--not exactly what I needed. It was so unusual, and nobody seemed to be able to relate or tell me what the problem was. It was quite a problem in the beginning. I would feel like I just couldn't get a deep enough breath. My hands, nose, mouth, etc. would start tingling and my hands would eventually draw up and get stiff until I was able to calm down and breath. It's not entirely mental, but calming down and breathing slower does help. I still have trouble with this from time to time, but I haven't hyperventilated in years.

These days, I find that I have trouble breathing when I'm stressed. I had problems during my three pregnancies--fatigue was probably the culprit then. I guess I learned early on that with my particular issue (your's may be different) the dr's were only going to ask me psychological questions and never really give me any answers. So I've just lived with it. Like I said, I don't really have much trouble with it unless I'm particularly stressed or fatigued. However, I was neither stressed nor fatigued when I first started having the symptoms.

A couple of years after my first experience (by this time everyone thought I was just bringing it on myself for attention--or at least I felt that's what they thought :0) an acquaintance told me that she had started having the same sort of problems. What a relief!! Finally someone understood. Her Dr. told her that it was called hyperventilation syndrome. Sure enough, you can actually find information about it out there. Look it up, you might just be able to relate.

I tend to have dizziness upon standing at times. I've never felt that it was related to to the breathing issue though. All kind of things can cause dizziness--even caffeine. Be sure you're taking care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep. It makes a big difference. Hope I've been able to help.
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replied May 11th, 2014
Hello - my 17 year told daughter was going thru the same thing - she was fighting to try and get deep breaths. And I have had this same thing for 5 years. I spent thousands of dollars in getting all sorts of tests done and have been put on steroids, inhalers, anti-depresents and nothing worked. I was so frustrated. But when my 17 year old got the same thing last month - I had it! And in my research, someone mentioned Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome. That was it - that was what both of us had. I discovered that the only thing to help with that is Buteyko Breathing Workshops so I found someone and we've been to 2 classes and I am a ton better already! My daughter is a lot better but is not as good as me about doing all the daily exercises so she is progressing a little more slowly - but she definately can breathe again and is sleeping better. This was a miracle for us so I urge you to start the Buteyko method asap. You can do it from Youtube but I wanted my daughter to have someone showing her the exercises in person and making sure she did it right. Good luck - this has been an answer to a five year long prayer of mine.
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replied September 18th, 2009
I've had this problem since I was 11 or 12. I am now 26 and still have it. Like you, it comes and goes at random. I'll be fine, and suddenly it'll hit no matter what I'm doing (walking outside, lying in bed, sitting at my desk in the office.) Doctors have told me that my blood-oxygen level is very good and that I have a strong heart, so I've never seen a specialist because there never seemed to be a need to. I always assumed it was something along the lines of pre-asthma, you know - as though I started to develop asthma but just never fully did. I've compared notes with a friend who has asthma and we have a lot of the same triggers. My breathing especially gets bad when it's really muggy or hot, so even though I hate the cold I do appreciate winter for that reason. This summer (2009) was the coolest temperature-wise of my life and I noticed a significant improvement in my breathing.

Like you, it feels like I am only getting 30% from a breath. Taking several breaths often doesn't help as that they all feel empty. Sometimes holding it deeply will help; I've also noticed that "swallowing air" and forcing myself to burp can at times loosen the tightness that forms in my chest. A good yawn often helps.

I've never had the numbness or tingling in my limbs, though it seems to me that those could have been symptomatic of panic. BUT, it could be something more. Sometimes when it is really difficult to breathe, my heart rate becomes erratic or skips a beat here and there. Tingling in the extremeties is often a symtom of a heart attack, so if it continues I'd recommend getting it checked out.

And don't worry, this isn't an unheard of problem. I've been doing some Goole research and there seems to be several people like us with this same condition; it's just unusual enough that we have look online instead of asking our friends.
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replied September 20th, 2009
well i sorta know what ur talkin about i am really dizzy right now head spins trouble breathing head aches and i get this every few months or more but i might add this month has been the worst and i have had this happin to me regularly ever sence i was also diagnost with broncitis a few years back i was givin inhalers wich i take when havin trouble breathin but they are not workin at all this time i would really like to know whats going on for my sons sake i cant take care of him when i cant breathe or see straight!
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replied December 23rd, 2009
I hope it has a cure...
Reading your post and the replies makes me feel a little better because Ive been experiencing this problem for 6 years now, I am 21. And every time i got really out of breath my hands would go really cold and sweaty. I get really dizzy, especially when i stand up, and its not just dizzy by head throbs and there have been times when I've completely blanked out. I remember the time that all this started i was in depression. I do not know if that had anything to do with it. But the most problematic one for me is the erratic or fast heart beat. Sometimes if i am thinking about something or worried my heart rate just starts increasing out of nowhere, thats when i start feeling outta breath , dizzy , cold sweats all at once. But it kind of calms down in about 5-10 minutes which is why a lot of people think i am doing it for attention. One doctor suggested the possibility of a heart condition and i am on medication - (Controlled released tablets of diltiazem hydrochloride) which seems to help. Also for the breathing trouble ive been on nebulizers but now i just use an inhaler which works , tho i need to take about 5-6 puffs one after the other to breathe more than the 30-40% percent. I dont know what the condition is but i dont think I will be able to handle it for the rest of my life, especially with people around me thinking i am just trying to do it for attention.
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replied March 15th, 2010
Does anybody have a hard time breathing when they try to sleep? This happens to me every night but no tingling of body never get a good night sleep
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replied March 27th, 2010
HVS, is probably the cause. Do you guys feel as if your lungs are full? can't get a deep breathe? Need to yawn and gasp for a deep breath all the time? and then minutes later you have to repeat the process?. There comes many physical symptoms with that. PPL would be surprised how many ppl suffer from this hyperventalation. I know all about it...
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replied December 26th, 2012
A helpful reply
I have read these posts and I wanted to respond. I had this too. For several years of my life. And I'll tell you what it's from. parasites. Get checked for lyme disease...West Nile, etc.
Drink lots of lemon water...just my suggestion and I"m not a doctor. These are my opinions and experiences.

It's called air hunger.
the O2 monitor says you have air, but it sure doesn't feel like it. I got to the root of the problem...mine was lyme, and cat scratch fever with a dose of h.plori.
I slept 8 hours a night, did not smoke or drink, and ate all organic so we could not figure it out. Quite by accident it came up and the test was finally proof something else was causing this.

If you have anxiety that is very concerning too. Not to be ignored. There is plenty of help and hyperventalating is a very hard thing, and very real. Remember that you can get through it, breathe in through your nose, out the mouth and just think about being in the moment, not what will happen next. Find a focal point. Get the help you deserve. Because you are worth it.

There is a great doctor in VA Beach who can help as well with parasites and anxiety and anything else you come up with...if you have tried all the rest or want to save time and money.
The Liebell Clinic
Good luck and try to keep things in perspective.
Do yoga!
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replied April 13th, 2010
I have had these symptoms for a little over a year now where if I do any walking or going upstairs it will trigger a breathing issue. I can exhale fine but when I inhale it doesn''t seem to get in the lungs. I just had the heart catheterization, I''ve gone to a pulmonary specialist and had blood work done. I am so fustrated because it causes me to have chest pains which I thought might be the heart. I am on asthma inhalers both advair and provental. I don''t want to give in to the fact its asthma because I was fine up till one year ago. They have looked for a blood clot but found none. I am going to try another pulmonary specialist and after that I don''t know what to do. Does anyone else have these issues.
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replied January 13th, 2011
Breathing thing
im 10 and i get this thing where i can breath but dosent feel like im getting enough breath like you guys but i read the first post and tryed it it worked but it didint go away if there is a cure please tell me i dont want to go 20 years without finding something to help it started 2 days ago and it was at 1:00 am my mom said it was anxiety at first i just calmed down and it went away but now that dosent work last night it DIDINT go away after about 1 hour of not knowing how to stop it i went online and found the breath slower and calm down thing and it worked and i went to sleep it usually helps if i dont think about it and i try reading a book like riplys belive it or not has big words so i dont have to strain my eyes and i can see it witch helps i watch tv thats helping a bit i havint got dizzy/tingly limbs but i would like to know what this is if you know and just now my breathing problom went away so is this anxiety? or something else?
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replied January 19th, 2011
Re: hyperventilation syndrome
I started with the flu that somehow became a respiratory problem. The symptoms: inability to breathe "normally," weakness, dizziness, tingly sensations in my hands and feet with a kind of cold sweat sheen on my palms, chest tightness (and my overwhelming desire to breathe deeper and deeper and harder because it felt like I was suffocating). It lasted hours. I can't get up too quickly, and even if I try slowly going from a lying, or sitting position to a standing one, I get these mini-headrushes and slight gray outs at the peripheral of my vision.

Co-workers didn't really understand the symptoms. I thought it might have been a rather mild yet prolonged panic attack, or stress related autonomic response gone haywire.... it seems like it is exactly as the posts for hyperventilation syndrome describe.

I'm not overweight, eat moderately well, am hydrated, do not smoke, drink occasionally, and do not take drugs. While I didn't feel particularly stressed when the breathing problems manifested, I do have a very stressful job.

I'm going to make a conscious effort to breathe normally and monitor my emotional state/stress levels a little better. Since I've ruled out myocardial/heart attack/pneumonia...I'll follow the directives of what I've found online and Exercise to relieve stress and decompress.

Feeling like you can't breathe, sucks. I thought less exercise, more rest would help..instead its made me hyperaware of my hyperventilation. I'm hitting the pavement tomorrow for a good long run. Uphill.

Take care everyone and exercise, meditate, breathe..."normally."
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replied September 30th, 2013
Breathing issue
Theirs also a very rare gentic condtion called alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, which if you have this can lead to copd if you smoke or breath in second hand smoke.
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replied May 3rd, 2016
I know this is really old but in hopes you get an notification or something I am posting anyway.
I was wondering if you have thought about all of that being anxiety? Those are all symptoms of anxiety down to the tingling limbs and fingers. I never knew that until I did research. You don't have to have anxiety attacks to suffer from anxiety, in comes in different forms. Some people have attacks where their brain is telling them they are dying. Some general anxiety can make you irritable all the time, feel like everything is a dream and different yet the same, or feel like they don't actually exist; which is depersonalization. Palpitations can be a symptom along with shortness of breath. Anyway there are alot of symptoms you would never think would be related to anxiety but, do some symptom research and try to think if when it happens is there anything going on that may be causing you stress? Even if you don't realize?
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